Bring the hammer

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In my last post I said I was bringing big news to you guy. So ima jump right into and say it. Sledgehammer Games wi be making the new call of duty game and we have no idea what to expect. They might add or take away we have no idea we’ll see later this year. Another thing is PlayStation 4 users will have there own exclusive games and the next Halo game is looking to be on Ps4.


The biggest apology

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Hey guys I havent posted in forever and for that I’m sorry, I’ve been busy with school and gaming and to make it up to talk I’m going to have a series of epic posts. Thanks and if I want me to do something specific let me no.

Games of ze year

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Christmas is getting closer with the holiday season and so are the greatest games a person could want. I have prepared a list of games for you so you know what to beg for. These aren’t in any particular order so don’t be mad if your favorite isn’t first.

What’s to say about one of the best free world franchises of all time? GTA is back and better than ever, and more realistic than ever…  The scenery is breathtaking and the missions are fun. You don’t like killing and running over people? GTA can accommodate that to. It has deep sea diving, golfing, hunting wildlife, fixing cars, oh did i mention selling real estate? As mellow and calm as it can be it also has the less charming side of it. This game, in my opinion, would be way better off without cursing and hookers. I mean you can have the hookers but don’t actually be realistic.

2. Saints Row 4
Another open world game with less features. It is great with everything about it but be honest Saints Row 2 was the best.

3. Call Of Duty Ghost
Call of Duty is back and better than ever. An all new campaign people actually want to play and a multiplayer with just as much, if not more promise than Black Ops 2. Join the elite and ghosts and fight for America and all that we stand for.

4. Battlefield 4
Nuf said. We all know Battlefield 4 is going to be another bad company and everyone will love it. But it won’t be a medal of honor where everyone pretends to like it.

5. Madden 14
More players, more features, better graphics. This is the ultimate Madden game, other than Madden 25. Now go out and get it, even if you hate these games you’ll still enjoy it.

6. NBA 2K14
2k14 is going to be another great basketball game, and there aren’t many out there so who’s to say it can’t take the prize? We had 2K13 where everyone did my players and careers but what will 2k14 offer us? I think it looks like a golden game for me.

7. Batman Arkham Origins:
Nanananananana Batman!!! I feel like i’d be holding back on you guys if i didn’t anounce Batman. This new open world game is going to be a hit, with its flowing combat system and the graphics. Not much has been released about the campaign besides the fact that Deathstroke is the new bad guy. Preorder the game now and get the Deathstroke missions, playing as none other. Deathstroke.

8. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag:
Beautiful, easy to load, Assassin’s, Creed, Pirates and open world. What else do you want me to say?  Diving and ship battles through the ocean?  Might as well thros that in to.

9. Destiny:
All though it has a later release than most games, 343 is making a new series. It is a lot like Halo but without Master chief.  Instead of exclusive Xbox only however this is for all systems, maybe even PC who missed out on GTA 5.

10. Pikmen:
I can’t say much about this game for my lack of knowledge but all i know is that it has cute characters and amazing next to real graphics.

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Football season

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Hey guys football season is in a full swing right now and everyone is getting in on the action. Instead of looking for tons of Fantasy Football leagues to join I created my own. The league is called The Progressor. The link to it will be embedded below come join us 20 slots available come quick!

By the way if you need a password to create a team, try jlmaclean that should let you in.

Family Guy

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In a recent comic-con interview the cast of family guy told us that in a new episode later on this year, one of the griffins is going to be killed off and replaced by someone else. Could it be Lois? Has Stewie finally killed lois? Or is it Brian? I mean no one really likes Brian. I won’t even bring up the possibility of Meg dying because we all know that won’t happen, same thing with peter. Which character do you want to be killed off? Vote below in the comments.


Black Ops 2 Zombies “ORIGINS

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“ORIGINS” Zombies & Multiplayer

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