Black Ops 2/ Halo 4

Hey guys today I am wondering which game will be better. Halo 4 Or Black Ops 2 (which is released next week), after seeing the other COD and Halo games I am expecting something new from each one for instance, in Halo 4 when you pick up a weapon in creates itself, or in COD the exclusive multiplayers are always impressive. Now judging from these 2 trailers (click the link below) I am going to end up with both games.

As we can all see here these are all highly promising. But my question is which game is better. They Both have over the top gameplay, they both have a series of them.  Now which game is better? How about a poll? Well good-luck to both games in the polls!!!


2 Responses to “Black Ops 2/ Halo 4”

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    […]Black Ops 2/ Halo 4 « jlmaclean67[…]…

  2. I wish I was informed enough to vote. Nice post! 100

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