Playlist for Benny Imuara

Today I will be doing another post (well no duh). But today’s post will be taking my last couple of ideas and putting them together (mind blown). I have created a YouTube playlist for my favorite book character,  Benny Imura. 

Benny is Strong willed and crazy, he has lost almost everything he has except his small group of friends. His Brother Tom has died (ending of second book, Dust & Decay) as well as his girlfriends mom (see first book, Rot & Ruin). He has moved from his home town into the Zombie plagued world looking for the last hint of society, a plane. This is my strong willed, crazy, and sad character.

Song Titles & Artists chosen for Benny Imura playlist

1. Die Another Day – Madonna
2. Paranoid/ Points of Authority- Linkin Park
3. Talkin’ 2 Myself – Eminem
4. Going through Changes Eminem
5. TnT – AC/DC
6. COD: Black Ops Eminem Remix
7. What i’ve done – Linkin Park
8. The Zombie song – Stephanie Mabey
9. Zombie Love song – Your Favorite Martian




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