Gears of war Judgement part 2

We last left of with the introduction to new main plot characters. A question a lot of us like to ask is, can Damon Baird carry a Gears of War prequel without Marcus Fenix?  I’m pretty confident that he can I mean this is Damon Baird we’re talking about here guys! Well this Gears of War follows Kilo squad and its leaders, the wise guy Damon Baird and Cole train. They join together with a female heroine named Sofia Hendricks and Garron Paduk and attempt to take out the locust. I have a strange feeling that they might fail, it’s the feeling you get like in Halo Reach you play it just for fun even though you know your going to lose. Well this campaign starts out with the squad on trial after the tragic events of Halvo Bay before a colonel with the COG  who basically tells you what happened even though you were there. After reading a story on Gears of War I found a hint that most of you will love, throughout the campaign are “Crimson Omens” on walls declassified missions that you can play through, some even breeze through. But beware some of the segments limit you to certain weapons and limit ammunition  like a shotgun with low ammo might be given  to you while other segments give you harder locust no matter what difficulty your playing on. The controls are practically the same but it’s up to you if you want to change the button configuration. Gears of War will be for next gen consoles such as the Xbox 720, and maybe the the PS4. But once you finish the campaign there is a epilogue that lines up with Gears of War 3 and with the stars of the game revisiting Halvo Bay. Our two favorite multiplayer game modes come back with TDM and Execution, but if your more of a Call of Duty fan than you might like the Domination mode. The release date was yesterday March 19 and seems to be promising. 


Some of you are wondering why I did a part two but a comment asked me if I could do it for more information. And like always guys I love helping out y’all.



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