Family Guy

In a recent comic-con interview the cast of family guy told us that in a new episode later on this year, one of the griffins is going to be killed off and replaced by someone else. Could it be Lois? Has Stewie finally killed lois? Or is it Brian? I mean no one really likes Brian. I won’t even bring up the possibility of Meg dying because we all know that won’t happen, same thing with peter. Which character do you want to be killed off? Vote below in the comments.



2 Responses to “Family Guy”

  1. Brian’s my favorite! He and Stewie are a great team, those were always the best episodes when the show was in its heyday.

    I wonder if they really mean it. It would only be Meg or Chris but I don’t think they’d do it. It’s probably one for an episode or two and then back to normal — all a big tease.

    – Nathan

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