– “Origins”” of the apocalypse

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Treyarch teasing something big for Black Ops 2 zombies????

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Treyarch really did great in Buried, the wide open space and the interactive world. But apparently it wasn’t big enough for Treyarch because they’ve been leaking the new zombie maps with a logo saying “Everything has a beginning and an end.” In the teaser trailer later on in this post we can see that something is going on with the original zombie killers who started in World at War. We saw the beginning of the apocalypse in World at War where the zombies rose after a horrible science experiment. We never did see the end of Dempsey and the gangs finale and it looks like they’re here to finish it. Come back later for the ORIGINS of the zombies.

Top 5 movies of 2013

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Hey guys, i’m back from vacation but with a new idea, i’m going to start doing video games and movies, and tonight i am doing a top 5 that i have put together for yall to see. Look below and start reading! And these aren’t in any particular order by the way.

Pacific Rim: Look up at the sky on a clear night, what do you see?  Stars, and when you think about stars and what’s up in the sky you think of aliens. But not tonight when you look at the sky you see the mighty and powerful jaeger mech battling a might alien brute that has risen from the depths of the Pacific. The pilots of the almighty Jaeger mechs are here to protect us. Come back later for more.

Elysium: In the dystopian future of the world, the poor and the rich are seperated by completely different worlds.  One world is Elysium where the rich live away from the poverty of Earth, and the other world is earth. Earth which has a fallout feel to it is a horrible place, a place where Matt Damon he gets injured and later given a weaponozed suit. He then uses this suit to get into Elysium and save the humans on Earth.

Grown Ups 2: No description we all know about this movie.

Thor: My description is “GIVE ME MY HAMMER”

Wolverine: He thrashes and clashes, in an epic sequel to the first wolverine movie that has everything the original one did but IN JAPAN.  This movie does look pretty good though.

Upcoming movies of 2013

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I am going to start reviewing movies as well as video games. And for my first post I will be doing a top 5 movie list that you must see. See you later folks.


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hey guys can’t talk, but where i loive its raining a lot  and my power keeps going out, lots of love sorry

Titan Fall and Ghosts Update

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Giant multiplayer, cool name, great graphics TitanFall is going to be an amazing game. With almost no narrative due to the small studio knows as “Respawn” this game, running at 60 frames a minute seems to be Halo and Call of Duty combined. With 64 people in one multiplayer match (PC and Xbox one) only one game mode has been confirmed. Hardpoint, the game mode, you know the game mode from Call Of Duty Black Ops 2. You have to capture a certain point and hold it down for your team to score points. Three maps also have been confirmed and i’ll leave links for you guys to check out if your interested. Titans (hence the name TitanFall) are the large Mechs the game revolves around. Each will have their own weapons. Okay you read it and didn’t get bored. Wow i’m surprised. I got bored just writing it, I want to get to the juicy stuff like Call Of Duty Ghost.




Call Of Duty Ghost

Call of Duty Ghost isn’t going to be another Modern Warfare game which seem to be the same each time. I mean you tell me these aren’t the same.

I got to go guys i’ll update more later by.

Call of Duty Ghosts amd behind the scenes.

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No comment y’all get and exclusive look.